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Lead Roofing

Despite its price, weight and expense, lead roofing still delivers priceless and unbeatable weather protection to a variety of buildings. In addition, as a roof covering, it can be used for guttering, flashing and at the same time as a durable 'bridge' to seal tough junctions. We are Wirral's lead roofing experts in hand crafted lead roofs and gutters. Lead is waterproof, weatherproof and very versatile - it is the perfect material, if the job's done properly! You can trust Premier Roofing Services to deliver.

Wirral Lead Roofing experts

  • Lead roofs.
  • Lead flashing.
  • Chimney stack lead work.
  • Lead box guttering.

Lead problems and causes in Wirral

Lead has always been a ideal material for covering roofs, flashing and liners, but only if fitted correctly. Lead should always be cut into lengths under 1.5 meters as it contracts in hot and cold weather.  Lead expansion joints should be installed when joining or using a mop stick technique depending on the volume of water being carried. Here at Premier Roofing Services we often come across lead failing in Wirral simply due to not applying joints. Also commonly found are flashings not lapping enough, insufficient lip into brick joints, debris build up and capillary, this is down to the lead sweating and drawing up water. Our lead specialists have seen it all and know exactly how solve all your lead issue so call today and receive free advice from our expert roofers in Wirral.

Lead specialists in Wirral

Lead sheets come coded depending on thickness and weight. Committed to Health and Safety, Premier Roofing Services can advise precisely what type of lead is needed for each job - from listed and historic roof repairs to modern lead flashings. Lead will survive on roofs for centuries - provided they are fitted correctly using lead joints every 1.5m and expanding lead joints in guttering. Call Wirral's lead roofing experts today on 07926 891781.