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New Roof Wirral - Re-roof Wirral local specialists

A new roof deserves quality craftsmanship. We are happy to advise and suggest traditional and new roofing technologies that could be carried out on your new roof. You can relax in the knowledge that Premier Roofing Services will provide you with a top quality service. We have completed and carried out many re-roofs in Wirral and surrounding areas, including new slate and tiled roofs. Should you require, we are able to provide you with tile and slate samples of recent projects we have carried out in Wirral. So if you are looking for a re-roof, then call the New roof Wirral roofing experts now on 07926 891781.

Re-Roof experts Wirral

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How to know if you need a new Roof

There are a number of signs indicating if its time to proceed with a new roof.  Tile failing is a common problem, this is when water is penetrating straight through the tile even though the tile has no breaks, cracks, or shelling. This is down to age and the protective surface paint baked in to the tile has failed causing damp to penetrate. Original clay and slate roofs dont have felt installed beneath the tile and baton so you can inspect your loft yourself or call Premier Roofing Services and we will take a look for you. To diagnose failing tile check the plaster between batons you should be able to feel damp, also check batons and spars for damp and water marks. Another common problem with clay tile is shelling, this is a break down of the clay ultimately causing leaks, tile to slip, and debris build up in guttering  this is usually down to weather, manufacturing, and of course age. Other problems can also occur such as nail rot, baton rot and sweating caused by not having enough air circulation. Our qualified roofers have a wealth of experience in all of these aspects so if you need advice about needing a new roof call Wirral roofing experts today on 07926 891781.

Re-roof costs in Wirral

The cost of a new roof in Wirral is assessed on size, complexity and materials used. We will go through the work required and recommend solutions on your new roof, so you know exactly what is involved. If you would like a new roof, or a re-roof using original slates, Premier Roofing Services offers quality workmanship. Call one of our Wirral roofing experts today on 07926 891781.