Slate Roofing Wirral

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Slate Roofing in Wirral

Premier Roofing Services, based in Wirral - your local slate roofing company. We provide re-slates, slate restorations and slate repairs. Nails that hold the slates in position will eventually waste away, meaning that roof slates are often vulnerable to shifting and working their way loose, causing water to penetrate. A comprehensive selection of slate roofing solutions, covering the Wirral for over 15 years, our slate roofing team have an extensive knowledge in slate roofs. Our excellent roofing guarantee provides our Wirral customers with peace of mind once they choose Premier Roofing Services for their slate roofing in Wirral.

Slate Roofing Wirral

  • Repairs to slate roofs.
  • Restoring slate roofs.
  • New slate roofs.
  • Slate re-roofing.
  • Mortar replacement on ridges.

Quality slate roofing guaranteed with Premier Roofing Services.

Wirral Slate Roof Repairs Experts

Our professional team have over 15 years slate-roofing experience. We promise our Wirral customers a superior slate roofing service at competitive rates. Premier Roofing Services will provide you with a free quote on slate re-roofing and slate roof repairs. Call the slate roofing specialists in Wirral 07926 891781.