Rubber Roofing Wirral


Rubber roofing in Wirral

Hassle-free EPDM rubber roofing in Wirral. Rubber roofing is the way forward in flat roofing - it is the answer to a longer lasting flat roof. Rubber (also referred to as EPDM): the rubber membrane protects your home from weather and water penetration keeping leaks away. Premier Roofing Services, based in Wirral are rubber roofing specialists. All our roofers have completed EPDM rubber roof courses and continue to develop new rubber roofing technologies and compliances. The rubber comes from recycled rubbers, such as tyres, so is environmentally friendly and provides perfect water proofing systems. The versatile rubber is robust and can look elegant, if fitted right. Rubber roofing is leading the way in flat roofing technologies.

Rubber roofing services Wirral

  • Felt roofing.
  • Garage rubber roofs.
  • Extension rubber roofs.
  • Dormer rubber roofs.
  • Bay rubber roofs.
  • industrial rubber roofing EPDM

Premier Roofing Services - rubber roof specialists in Wirral.

EPDM rubber roof specialists in Wirral

Our local Wirral based rubber roofing team will advise you on any of your roofing questions. For a free quote on a EPDM rubber roof, or just a rubber roof repair, call your expert Wirral rubber roofing experts on 07926 891781.